Sunday, October 2, 2011

Paint Bag Writing

Here is a fun hands on way to work on writing letters, numbers and shapes. Please make sure that the bag is taped tight or it will make a terrible mess. Have fun and enjoy exploring!

Paint Bag Writing

by AMY on OCTOBER 6, 2009

Learning to write letters and numbers can be frustrating for little hands! I like to offer lots of play activities that help build those fine motor skills in a relaxed, fun way. Toddlers and up will enjoy making shapes, swirls, and even letters on a ziploc bag filled with paint!

To make your own paint bag writing tablet, put some finger paint or tempera paint into a sturdy freezer ziploc bag. Seal it well and smoosh the paint around the entire bag. (You could even add a strip of packing tape across the top if you are worried about your child opening the bag!) That’s it!


We like to tape ours down to the table so it doesn’t wiggle around too much. Try doodling and writing with your finger first. Your child may also enjoy using a cotton swab to write with. When your tablet is full of scribbles (or sight words for older kids!), smoosh and smear the paint around and start over. No mess, just fun!


Happy playing!

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