Thursday, September 22, 2011

PAC Meeting

Attention Parents,
The Burlington Special Education Parents Advisory Council (PAC) is holding their first morning get together this coming Wednesday morning, September 28, 2011 from 10:15 A.M. to 12:15 at the Burlington Public Library on Sears St. This event will be hosted by Lizzette Grattan, PAC board member. This is your chance to meet and talk with other parents in an informal setting about school matters, your child's progress or any other issues that we can help you with.
The Burlington PAC can help you:
1. Help your child be successful in school.
2. Help your child be happy.
3. Help your child learn how to help themselves.
4. Discover how your child learns.
5. Understand how to work cooperatively with the Burlington Public Schools.
This is just a partial list of the benefits of attending PAC meetings. Please come, you'll be glad you did.
Dennis McCarron, Chairman Burlington PAC

For more info on this morning get together contact Lizzette at
For more info on the Burlington PAC contact Dennis McCarron at

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bus Company

If your child is transported to and from school daily by bus, please remember to call if your child is not going to be in school for the day. The number for the bus company is 781-229-0111.

Preschool Staff

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the staff of the Burlington Early Childhood Center. Over the summer we have made some changes to the early childhood programs. The LABBB Collaborative is no longer housed at the high school. They have moved to the new Memorial School. The early childhood space has been renamed to the Burlington Early Childhood Center and it houses all of the early childhood programs that the Burlington Public Schools provides. Currently there are 6 integrated preschool classrooms and the high schools early childhood program. (the high school program use to be run by Rosemary Bransfield who has retired)
As the Burlington Early Childhood Center continues to grow and develop so does the staff. The staff for the 2011/2012 school year is as follows:
Louise D'Amato, Director
Sandy Lagenfeld, Program Secretary
Heidi Walll and Jen Lenardo are the speech and language pathologist for the program.
Laura Impemba is returning as the occupational therapist and Kim Russell is the new physical therapist
Jessica Gearin is the nurse for the early childhood programs and Burlington High School.
Classroom Teams:
Busy Bees: Courtney Stratton (head teacher) Wendy Woods and Lisa Poli
Lucky Ducks: Naomi Abelson (head teacher) Liz Williams and Lisa Poli
Puppy Pals: Tiffany D'Abbraccio (head teacher) Lori Coleman and Emma Menz
Friendly Frogs: Andrea Hayes (head teacher) Amanda Nasta and Jeannie Koch
Barnyard Buddies: Shannon Conroy (head teacher) Liz Bonivata and Emma Menz
Cub Cadets: Lisa Bottiglio (head teacher) Pat Prime and Jeannie Koch
The High School Early Childhood Program is taught by Shelia Kennedy

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Dear Parents/Guardians,

The first few days of preschool have been a great success. All of the children have successfully transitioned into their classroom and all seem very happy. We have to be honest every once in a while a student will ask for mommy and daddy but then will go back happily to what they were working on. It has been a pleasure to see so many happy faces. We also want to thank you for helping make the transition such a smooth one. Sometimes it’s harder on the parents than the children. We would like to take this opportunity to outline the parking situation at the early childhood section of the high school.

Fire lanes need to be clear at all times. Only buses are allowed to park in front of the building in the fire lanes. We ask that you don’t block them so we can load and unload the buses. You can park in the fire lane after the front entrance to the preschool. You can also park across the street after the orange cones. When parking and walking your child to his/her teacher, we ask that you please have complete control of your child. Pick up and drop off are busy times and we want to ensure that all our friends are safe at all times. We also ask that you avoid parking on the corner by the administration entrance of the building. It is difficult to see as you come around the corner and it has the potential to be a dangerous situation. When parking, the best bet is to park at the bottom of the hill and walk your child/children to their teacher. As people get use to the routine things will go much more quickly and smoothly.

When the red lights are flashing on the buses or the vans you can not pass them for any reason. If you pass a school bus or van with red flashing lights, it is a $200 fine for the first offense. The second offense is a fine and suspension of your license. The third offense is a permanent loss of your license. We know it takes us a few minutes to load and unload the buses; this is done to ensure the safety of all children. Please be patient with us. Your patience will ensure that all students are safe at all times. It should be noted that periodically the Burlington Police Departments Safety Officer comes to watch the pick up and drop off and is very generous when handing out fines.

The state of Massachusetts has a new mandatory booster seat law. It is important that all children are safely secured in the back seat of the car in a booster seat. We have attached the new law for your information. Again we ask that you keep your child safe in their booster seat until you drop them off. Nobody plans for an accident that is why they are called accidents.

We understand that parking can be frustrating and difficult but if everyone follows the guidelines it will ensure everyone’s safety and a smoother pick up and drop off.

Thanks You,
The staff of the Burlington Early Childhood Center
(781) 273-7632
FAX (781) 270-1733
Louise D’Amato
Director of Integrated Preschool

Dear Preschool Families,

Tuition payments are due on the first Tuesday of every month; tuition due dates are as follows:

September 13th October 4th November8th

December 6th January 3rd February 7th

March 6th April 3rd May 1st


If your child attends the three day morning program your tuition is $2,320 for the year or $232.00 a month.

If your child attends the five day morning program from 8:30 to 11:30 your tuition is $3,860 for the year or $386.00 per month.

If your child attends the five day morning program from 8:30 to 12:30 Monday through Thursday and 8:30 to 11:30 on Friday your tuition is $4,600.00 for the year or $460.00 per month.

If your child attends the four day afternoon program your tuition is $2,000.00 for the year or $200.00 per month.

If you have any questions about tuition or tuition payments please give me a call 781-273-7632.

Thank you,

Louise D’Amato