Frequently Asked Questions

Burlington Public Schools

Integrated Preschool Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an integrated preschool program?
An integrated preschool classroom is comprised of both children who are developing within age expectations and children who have identified special need. This need can be a delay in speech and language development, fine or gross motor skills. Children with identified disabilities are on Individual Education Programs (IEP) and require specialized services in order to access a preschool curriculum.

What advantages does an integrated preschool have to offer?
Integrated preschools are part of the public school system. The program is designed to meet the unique learning needs of all students. Staff is trained in all aspects of early childhood curriculum.

Does my child have to be toilet trained?
No, your child does not have to be toiled trained in order to be accepted into the program. We will be more than happy to support your efforts at home and follow the program used in the home. Families need to provide all supplies in order for training to be successful.

My child is enrolled in the program; do I have to reapply for next year?
Once your child is enrolled in the program they become first priority for the following school year. If your child currently attends in the afternoon and you would like to switch to the morning you also will be given first priority for a morning slot.

Do you have a summer program?
At this time, the only summer program is for children on Individual Education Programs (IEP’S). 

Do you provide snack?
Due to the high numbers of allergies, we don’t provide snacks. Families are to provide a small healthy snack and drink daily. 

Do parents volunteer in the program?
Yes, parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classrooms. All volunteers must have a CORI check before volunteering. CORI checks can be completed in the Superintendent’s office.

Do you provide extended day hours?
At the present time, the preschool operates an AM and PM session. Children attend either the AM or PM session. We don’t provide extended day services. 

We are going on an extended vacation do I still have to pay my monthly tuition?
Yes, if you would like your child’s spot waiting for you when you return all tuition needs to be paid in full. If you don’t pay tuition we will assume that you are no longer interested in attending the program and we will give your child’s slot to someone on the waiting list.

Do you provide transportation?
Transportation is provided for children on Individual Education Programs only. Parents are to provide transportation to and from school daily.