Friday, August 5, 2011

Burlington PAC

Dear Parents,
School year 2011-2012 is almost on top of us. Who is helping parents learn how to help their children who may be struggling in school or in life? When a child struggles, the whole family struggles too. The Burlington PAC can help parents learn how to advocate for their children in a positive manner with outstanding results. Simply put, the PAC wants to help you cope with difficulties by sharing our experience so that you do not have to reinvent the wheel every time there is a problem.
The Burlington Special Education Parents Advisory Council (PAC) is looking to kick off the year by building a strong membership. We look forward to continuing our work with the Burlington School Department, with whom we have built a great working relationship. The PAC, along with the Burlington schools has been successful in rebuilding the way services are provided in our town and we look forward to the continuance of this relationship.
To keep a strong PAC and to keep Burlington's educational supports moving forward, we need parents to be involved for their children. Please consider the benefit to your children of getting involved. Your involvement may be the one thing that helps your child understand themselves and learn where their talents and strengths lie so that they may build their confidence and succeed in life.

Please contact Dennis McCarron, PAC Chairman for more information and to be added to our email list. We are currently working on ideas for this year's meetings and how to build a better parent's group. Any ideas are welcome, the time commitment is minimal, the benefit to your child is tremendous.

Dennis McCarron
Chairman, Burlington PAC
phone 781-273-5663