Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alternative Easter Basket Ideas

Next week many children will receive a visit from the Easter Bunny. I would like to suggest some fun alternatives to a basket filled with candy that will also help develop skills. If you don't celebrate Easter the following suggestions are great ways for children to develop skills
while having fun.

Sidewalk chalk: You can find a bucket of sidewalk chalk relatively inexpensive
and it is a fun way to work on fine motor development. Children will enjoy spending hours decorating your driveway with colorful creations. sidewalk chalk is a fun way to work on writing the letters in your child’s name.

Bubbles: All children love bubbles and they are a fun outdoor activity. Believe it or not blowing bubbles is a great way to develop oral motor skills, which helps young children with articulation development.

Pipsqueak maker: Crayola makes a marker called pipsqueaks. These markers are small and work on development of the perfect grasp. They force children to use their alligator fingers.

Coloring books: Sometimes we forget about things as simple as a coloring book and some new crayons. Coloring also works on the development of fine and visual motor development. Children should take their time and try to stay in the lines and work on using all the small muscles in their hands.

Children’s books: At stores like T.J. Maxx and Marshalls your can find lots of great board books or quality children’s books for a few dollars and what better way to end every evening then cuddling up with your little one and reading a book.

8 to 10 piece interlocking puzzles: Puzzles are another fun way to teach children visual perception skills. Developing strong visual perceptions skills will help with learning letter and writing skills.

Balls: Again another simple toy that children love to play with. Kicking, running, catching and rolling all great ways to develop both fine and gross motor skills.

Of course, a basket would bee complete with at least one chocolate bunny,