Monday, June 21, 2010

Ideas for Summer

OT & PT ideas for summer fun

Play tug- a –war
Have a squirt gun battle
Roll down a hill
Crab walk up or down a hill
Have a wheel barrow race
Wash a car or windows
Go to a variety of parks; climb and swing
Play “bowling games” while lying on your stomach
Make paper air planes
Fly a kite; make one if you are brave
Go to the beach and dig for shells, build a castle bury someone and make them escape
String a pasta necklace
Draw shapes lines and letters in wet sand
Play hop scotch
Draw with chalk; pictures or trace a person and draw clothes on them
Make a mosaic; snip paper strips into small squares and glue onto a picture outline
Play a game of catch with water balloons or heavy and light balls
Water the plants with a squirt bottle
Paint a picture on an easel and hang them on a clothes line with a clothespin to dry
Pull a heavy wagon and walk to the park
Ride bikes trikes or scooters on the bike path
Set up an obstacle course in the yard; walk on a 2x4, jump over ropes placed on the
Ground, crawl through a tunnel or sleeping bag open at both ends, throw a ball into a
Bucket, just look around and be creative
Hide and seek

Monday, June 14, 2010


The last day of preschool for the afternoon students will be Thursday June 17, 2010. The last day for the morning students will be Friday June 18, 2010. Please remember to take home all of your children's belongings on their last day of school.

We thank you for sharing your children with us. We have truly enjoyed getting to know all of them and we hope that they enjoyed their time and experience at the Burlington Integrated Preschool.

Please check the blog from time to time. We are in the process of updating some summer time activities to work on enhancement of fine and gross motor skills. We will also be sharing some fun summer time activities to keep things fun and exciting over the summer.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Officer Papagno on PhotoPeach

We had a fun visit today from Officer Papagno of the Burlington Police Department. It was great fun exploring the police car and learning all about what a police officer does.