Saturday, March 20, 2010

Peter's Chair by Ezra Jack Keats

One of the books the children will be exposed to this week is "Peter's Chair" by Ezra Jack Keats. Peter is a character that the students have meet earlier in the year. He was the main character in the book the "Snowy Day" also by Ezra Jack Keats. Ask your child about Peter and see if they can recall what other book they met him in. Ask them about the author of both the "Snowy Day" and "Peter's Chair" see if they can make any connections between the two books.
Here are some ideas for a story discussion:
Share with your child that sometimes parents paint furniture to make it new again. Ask your child if they think this was why Peter's father painted Peter's old furniture pink, or if there might be another reason. Guide your chiild towards the understanding that blue and pink are traditional colors for boys and girls; discuss the variey of colors available to both boys and girls.