Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i Pads

Over the summer the Burlington Integrated Preschool was fortunate enough to purchase four i pad's. As a team we spent lots of time researching appropriate applications and how to introduce them to young learners. At the present time, we are using the i pads for several different purposes. For some children they are exploring the i pads and working on applications that enhance early skills such as letter, number and color recognition. We have purchased applications that work on learning how to form letters and numbers and create puzzles. All of these applications are working on development of visual perception skills. However, one of the most exciting ways we are using the i pads and applications is to work on enhancement of communication skills. For some of our students the i pads have become their voice and they are using them to communicate wants and needs and to interact with their peers. We are also using i pads to work on facilitation of both receptive and expressive communication skills. The children are enjoying using the i pads and developing lots of great skills.

Down by the Bay


The children will be singing this song at school this week. Sing it with them and point out the words that rhyme. After you finish singing the song see if you can find other words that rhyme around the house. For example, pan/fan , sock/lock, bed/red etc..