Monday, June 21, 2010

Ideas for Summer

OT & PT ideas for summer fun

Play tug- a –war
Have a squirt gun battle
Roll down a hill
Crab walk up or down a hill
Have a wheel barrow race
Wash a car or windows
Go to a variety of parks; climb and swing
Play “bowling games” while lying on your stomach
Make paper air planes
Fly a kite; make one if you are brave
Go to the beach and dig for shells, build a castle bury someone and make them escape
String a pasta necklace
Draw shapes lines and letters in wet sand
Play hop scotch
Draw with chalk; pictures or trace a person and draw clothes on them
Make a mosaic; snip paper strips into small squares and glue onto a picture outline
Play a game of catch with water balloons or heavy and light balls
Water the plants with a squirt bottle
Paint a picture on an easel and hang them on a clothes line with a clothespin to dry
Pull a heavy wagon and walk to the park
Ride bikes trikes or scooters on the bike path
Set up an obstacle course in the yard; walk on a 2x4, jump over ropes placed on the
Ground, crawl through a tunnel or sleeping bag open at both ends, throw a ball into a
Bucket, just look around and be creative
Hide and seek

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