Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun with Plastic Eggs

I came across this blog post and enjoyed all the fun things you can with plastic eggs. This time of year they are easy to find and are very affordable. With a little creativity they can be a great learning tool.

What can you do with a 1 dollar bag of plastic eggs from the dollar store?

1. Play a matching game. Take them apart, then have your child place matching the designs or colors together.

2. Have the traditional egg hunt. However, when you hide them from your older preschoolers, hide them in more challenging locations. Give them verbal directions and hints to improve listening skills, prepositions, and attention while you play.

Also, let kids hide the eggs and then have the grown-ups hunt for them. The children can give you directions and hints when you have trouble locating the eggs to increase verbal skills.

Once the hunt is over count the eggs to be sure you have found all of the eggs. :)

3. Use them to make circle prints. Squirt paint onto a paper plate, dip the egg half into the paint, and then press it on paper.

4. While you have the paint out, have an artistic Easter egg roll. Tape paper into the bottom of a cardboard box or in a plastic box. Dip the eggs into paint, then roll the egg across the paper by tipping the box various directions.

5. Have an old fashioned egg-on-the-spoon race. Or if you don’t want to race, use a spoon to scoop up eggs to put them in a basket. Count them as you scoop them. Use a large spoon. To create the spoon below I took apart a set of salad tongs that I purchased at Dollar General. The eggs are from the Dollar Tree.

5. Use them as a scoop to play in rice or beans.

6. Toss them into a bucket.

7. Fill them with rice, beans or other material and glue them shut to make rhythm instruments with various sounds. I used a cool temperature glue gun. You have to move fast! Quickly apply the glue then put the egg together with the rice and press firmly together. I had my husband try to pull apart the egg, and he found it to be firmly set in place.

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