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How to Make Slime

Making slime is a fun sensory activity that all children enjoy.

How to Make Slime Without Borax or Liquid Starch

updated: February 04, 2011

How to Make Slime Without Borax or Liquid Starchthumbnail
Use a saucepan to make slime for your children.

Making homemade slime can be a fun rainy-day activity for kids. There are number of recipes for this gooey substance, and many of them call for borax or liquid starch. Although these ingredients are not overly dangerous, they can be harsh and can cause skin reactions for some children. It is possible, and easy, to make slime without these ingredients by using cornstarch instead.



things you'll need:

  • Saucepan
  • Bowl
  • Large zip-top bag
  • Stove
  • 1 part water
  • 2 parts cornstarch
  • Food coloring
    • 1

      Warm the water in the saucepan. Do not bring the water to a boil--it needs to be warm, but not scalding hot. The purpose of heating the water is to keep the cornstarch from clumping together.

    • 2

      Pour the heated water into the bowl and add food coloring. The color is a matter of personal choice, and a few drops are all that are necessary. Kids can get really creative here. Stir until the color is well blended. Keep in mind that the cornstarch will lighten the color, so if you want a more intense color, add more food coloring. A typical slime color is lime green, but you can choose any color your child wants.

    • 3

      Add the cornstarch a little at a time, at a slow and steady pace.

    • 4

      Blend the mixture until smooth. It's OK to use fingers for this step. Have your child help with this mixing once the water feels cooled off enough.

    • 5

      Add more cornstarch slowly if the slime is too runny, or more hot water if the slime is too thick.

    • 6

      Keep the slime in a zip-top bag to make sure that it stays moist.

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