Sunday, January 2, 2011

Preschool Life Skills Teaching Program Skill 1

When the students return to school on Monday we will begin introducing a new social skills curriculum, The Preschool Life Skills. The curriculum we will be introducing was written and researched by Dr. Greg Hanley, BCBA. Dr. Hanley is a consultant to our program and will help us to support and implement the curriculum. The first skill we will target is for children to stop what they are doing and respond to their name being called. The expectation is that this skill will happen in both large and small group settings. Children will be expected to stop what they are doing and respond during times that they may be engaged with a favorite activity. I have attached a protocol that will be following in all the classrooms. If you have any questions or concerns about this new curriculum feel free to stop by the office, send an email or give me a call.

Preschool Life Skills Teaching Program

Skill 1

This semester, we are working to help your child learn some important social skills. Below, we have listed the skill that is currently being taught in the classroom, along with the general times we teach the skill. In addition, we have described our feedback procedure to suggest ways in which you can react as your child begins to acquire these new social skills.

The Skill: When an adult calls the child by first name, the child will stop competing behavior within 2 seconds, orient towards the speaker, and say, “Yes.”

General times we teach this skill:

I. In a group setting (e.g., circle time)

II. During meals (e.g., prior to passing a food item)

III. While the child is playing (e.g., center time)

IV. During a transition (e.g., before the child leaves or enters the classroom)

Note: We teach this skill anytime we call the child’s name, and we try to call their name before we issue any instruction as well as before we provide some positive feedback


If the child stops the competing behavior, looks up towards the adult and says “Yes” within 2 s of their name being called, the adult will provide enthusiastic praise (“Good job stopping, looking, and saying “Yes” when I called your name.”) and, if possible, provide access to a something fun.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call _781-273-7632____________. Otherwise, we hope that our combined efforts help your child be as happy and social as possible.

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