Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Book Backpacks

On Thursday October 28th, we will be sending home our book backpacks. Each backpack will have 3 to 4 books related to a common theme. Included in the backpacks will be book prompts that go along with each story. Over the weekend read the books with your child/children. After reading the books together use the book prompts to ask questions about the story.

Backpacks will go out on Thursday and are due back on Tuesday. Please remember to return you backpack on Tuesday, so we can send it home with another family on Thursday. This is a new initiative for the Burlington Integrated Preschool and we would love feedback or suggestions on the program.



  1. This is good program.
    Were these books already introduced to kids in their class?

  2. The books were not introduced to the children in class. They are supplemental books to be used in the home. I'm glad you enjoyed them. We are looking forward to more feedback on them.