Monday, September 13, 2010

Opening the World of Learning (OWL)

Next week we will begin the first unit that goes along with our comprehensive early literacy curriculum. The theme for the first unit is "Family" the children will be exploring and taking about families and the many different ways family members relate to and help one another. To help us plan the unit on families, here is a list of basic materials that we like to refer to as "Beautiful Junk" if you have any of these items around the house could you please send them in. We are looking for the following recyclable items:
cardboard boxes (copy paper size)
Empty plastic squeeze bottles (baby shampoo, baby oil, lotion)
Empty plastic pump type bottles (liquid hand soap)
Empty plastic spice-type bottles (holes in lid for shaking)
Old letterhead stationary
Old gift wrapping paper
Old paint cans
Paint can stirrers
Paint sample brochures
Paper towel cardboard tubes
Plastic baby food jars
Plastic buttons
Plastic tops from jugs of laundry detergent
Shoe boxes with lids
Small metal cans
Small size yogurt containers

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