Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Policy

Due to the significant increase in food allergies the Burlington Integrated Preschool will be instituting a new policy. We will no longer celebrate any types of events with food, including birthday celebrations. A student's special day will be acknowledged with a birthday crown and singing only. By creating this new policy it will ensure the safety of all students but most importantly, all students will have the opportunity to participate in the celebrations.


  1. That is sad that you are penalizing the kids that do not have allergies... Why not just ask parents to bring in peanut free food...

  2. The biggest danger is that the child's throat can swell shut, blood pressure can drop rapidly, and literally "drop dead" – all within minutes of ingesting even a minuscule amount of allergen.

    Managing a child's life-threatening food allergies can be quite a challenge. There currently is no cure, and the only "treatment" is complete avoidance of the offending foods.

    Put yourself in the shoes of students and their parents living with food allergies, and understand that the precautions that the schools are taking – while they can be inconvenient – really are necessary.