Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alternative ideas for Easter Baskets

With Easter around the corner I would like to offer some ideas on how to fill the perfect preschool Easter Basket. The following list are suggestions/ideas of things to put in your child's Easter Basket that are not only fun but will work on development of fine, gross and oral motor skills. All of these items can be found at discount stores such as Target, Walmart and the Christmas Tree Shop.

Bubbles are a lot of fun and work on development of oral motor skills.

Side walk chalk is a great outdoor toy. If you don't mind a mess, sidewalk chalk can be used in the driveway to create fun drawings. This is a great tool for fine motor development.

Play doh and cookie cutters fit perfectly in an Easter Basket and are another great tool for fine motor development.
(There was a post a while back with a play doh recipe)

Silly Putty is also a great alternative and perfect for fine motor development.

Coloring books and crayons will work on development of fine motor skills.

Water color paints and paper will also work on fine motor.

Sand and water toys can be a lot of fun. Perfect tools for motor and sensory development. This is a great idea if you have a sandbox in the yard.

Small books are also perfect for an alternative gift. (The other day in the dollar bins at Target were some great board books.)

Jump ropes and hula hoops are great spring time toys and will work on development of gross motor skills.

Of course, Easter wouldn't be the same without a small chocolate bunny.

Happy shopping!

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