Friday, January 1, 2010

Reading at Home

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some ideas and techniques when reading at home to your child. Children whose families read to them when they are young do better in school. They know about books and words and letters and sounds. They have experiences following a story and they enjoy reading. Early experience with books makes it easier for children to learn to read themselves.

Plan to read to your child the same time each day. Make it part of your family’s routine. Many families read a book at bedtime. If that is not a good time for you, find another time that works.

Sit side-by-side on your child’s bed, a couch, or the floor. Look at the pictures together and let your child help turn the pages. Pack a book for reading on car rides, trips to Grandma’s or in the doctor’s waiting office.

There are so many great books for children. The local library has a great selection and a wonderful children’s department. Try different kinds of books. Read stories, rhymes and information books. Notice which kinds of books your child enjoys most and ask your librarian to help you find more.

What to do During a Read-Aloud

As you read, talk to your child about the book. Answer questions and ask question of your own. This is how your child will learn.

* Name anything your child points to in the pictures.

• Point to pictures yourself and explain things as your read.

• Run your finger under some words as you read them, especially if the are in big, bold print or fun to say.

• Explain any words your child may not understand.

• Encourage questions and comments-get a conversation going!

The most important thing when reading aloud to your child is to have a good time. Make it a special time with your child and take the time to enjoy each other’s company.

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