Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Code Blue

January 13, 2010

Dear Preschool Parents:

Today the morning session of the preschool program participated in a code blue drill. We are pleased to report that everything went well and all safety protocols are in place. As you know, fire, police and medical personnel regularly prepare for emergencies by conducting practice drills. These drills help to teach us to react in a calm and rational manner during an emergency. They also allow safety planners the opportunity to work out the details of an emergency response. Practice drills should become automatic for us and should not create any undue anxiety.

Please take a minute to review all of the safety protocols that are in place. As always, any questions please feel free to give us a call or send an email.

The Burlington Public Schools’ has developed three different safety protocols; Fire Drills, Code Red and Code Blue.

A Fire Drill is when the local fire department comes in and schedules the drill. The alarm is pulled and all children and staff are expected to evacuate the building in a timely fashion. Fire drills are supervised by the Burlington Fire Department. The teachers have evacuation procedures that are posted in the classroom that are followed during these drills.

Code Red is when the safety of the building has been compromised in some way and everyone is expected to evacuate. The school staff will follow the procedures that have been established for this purpose. The preschool will evacuate down Sunset Drive and will be met by members of the Burlington Response Team. In an emergency situation, parents will be contacted and will be told where they can meet and pick up their children.

Code Blue is when all students must remain in their classroom. They are required to sit quietly on the rug, all shades are pulled down and the lights are turned off. The students are told that they are to wait quietly.

It is important to note, that all Preschool staff have been trained in these safety protocols and will follow them to ensure the safety of all children. The Burlington Emergency Response Team includes members of the fire, police and school departments have established these protocols.

Louise D’Amato

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