Monday, December 28, 2009

Beautiful Junk

When the children return from the holidays on January 4th we will begin our first unit on Wind and Water. While exploring the topic the students will participate in lots of fun lessons. We could use your help collecting the following items from the "beautiful junk" list:
Balloons (latex free if you can find them)
golf balls
table top fan (make sure your name is on it and we will return it at the end of the month)
aluminum pans
fabric scraps
medicine cups
outdoor thermometer (make sure it is labeled so we can return it)
pincer clothespins
long drinking straws
plastic tubing
large buckets
dowel rods
small yogurt containers
aprons (make sure your name is on it)

If you have any of the following items around the house we would love to borrow them. Please don't feel the need to go out and purchase any of the items. Anything that you send in and want returned at the end of the month please make sure you label them and let the classroom teacher know. We appreciate your help and support.

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